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The CowParade principle
Since 1999, CowParade exhibitions have been held in more than 80 cities. Nearly 10,000 artists have contributed to date to create the largest public artistic phenomenon.

Every six months or so, a selection of new models surfaces, while another selection is withdrawn. Thanks to this perpetual movement, the collections maintain their originality and naturally become collector's items.

Each cow is an exact replica of the original cow created at the event.


Why the cow?
The cow is a universal animal that everyone loves. She is kind, affectionate and often makes people smile. It is even sacred for some.


In detail
Each cow is painted by hand (some decorative elements are sometimes made by decal to ensure a faithful and constant rendering of the original).


CowParade colored cow

Each cow is sold in its original box with a card detailing the name of the artist and the city in which the CowParade took place.